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Alan Jackson

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BROOK CURNOW: I was born in Grass Valley, California. I lived there most of my life until I graduated from high school and journeyed out to Powell, Wyoming for College. As a child I always was in love with horses and wanted one so badly. I started riding lessons at the age of 5 where I learned English. Once I knew how to ride I was on any horse I could find. My neighbor raised Arabians so I would go over to her house and help her clean stalls and do whatever she wanted just to be around them. As soon as I was old enough I was enrolled in the 4-H program.

At age 11, I got my first horse. My mother and father said that I couldn't have a horse until I could take care of it. So at 11, I could lift a 100 lb bale of hay, and I got Cowboy. Cowboy was a bay three year old gelding that I just fell in love with. He wasn't trained to ride but was very sweet and so my parents bought him for $500. Cowboy and I learned together and he has been my best friend though the years and has taught me so much. I trained Cowboy to be the best all around horse ever. We did it all from parades, trail riding, western pleasure, equitation, showmanship, team penning, barrel racing, reining. You name it - we did it. We won many local shows and placed every year at the county fair.

All my life I have been into animals. I raised pigs and steers through 4-H and FFA and have always been very involved in agriculture. In high school I went through a veterinary program and worked for a small animal vet for two years. I learned a lot about how to care and help animals in need. When I came to Wyoming is where I really took off. I attended Northwest College a two year school and graduated with honors with a Equine Studies Degree. While in school I was on the horse judging team and we won at the Congress, -  the largest Quarter horse show in the world. I took home 8th High Individual out of about 1,500 kids. It was a wonderful experience and I still judge county fairs today.

After graduating I started taking on my own training projects from local people, and have been training horses ever since. At 21 I got a great job working for River Run Appaloosa Ranch here in Clark and got to travel and show the breed circuit. I had a lot of fun and showed a 3yr old stallion and a 2yr old gelding full bothers. I almost qualified the 2yr old for world that year in such a short period. I started at the ranch in may of 2002 and started and showed that 2yr old with only two months training under saddle.

Then Bill Maute, my wonderful boss, offered me a job in training his gaited horses. I was very excited, but also very uneducated about the Tennesse Walking Breed. So I went online and started learning as much as I could. In 2003 we went to the Spotted Saddle Horse Show and I got to tour a bunch of awesome stables and talk to trainers and ride wonderful horses. When I came back I had a new feeling to what the Walkers should feel and look like.
Now I apply what I learned and train our horses with that new found awareness. I never thought I would be a walking horse trainer, but I thank the Lord each day for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to work with such talented horses. I am still a young trainer but am still learning and finding out new ideas everyday. I believe that a person can never know too much about anything and with an open mind you can do the impossible.

There is no such thing as a problem horse - only a problem rider or handler. I also give riding lessons to any age rider, because I believe that our problem with today's horses is that they are being more and more confused due to unskilled riders. There are so many wonderful horses out there and if you do come across a bad one that is un-trainable, remember it is not worth getting killed over. I have had to turn a few horses away because they were too dangerous for me. I'd rather be safe then sorry.

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Clark, Wyoming
PH. (307) 645-3034

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